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Mumford and Sons, OK, but this raises questions

11 April, 2019

Ben Lovett, a founder member of Mumford and Sons

• I READ that Ben Lovett, a founder member of Mumford and Sons, is opening a club named “Somers Town” at 4 St Pancras Square in the area east of the railway tracks generally known as Granary Square, (Mumford man to open venue, April 4).

As a long-time resident of Somers Town, my only criticism of Granary Square development bordering our estate is that many of the shops and restaurants aren’t really geared to cater to its neighbours. This is not the end of the world.

We have our own bars and cafés etc which are excellent (shout out to the Cock Tavern and the Pinner Cafe) and it’s great to see the art students from the new St Martins and workers at Fran­cis Crick and the British Library who, among many others, have become part of our daily lives (along with the worried-looking tourists trying to find the Eurostar).

We have a lot to be proud of in our community which goes back to 1784 when the first social housing was established at the Polygon.

I’ll spare readers a history lesson but among previous residents we can boast Charles Dickens, Mary Woll­stonecraft, William Wordsworth and more recently drummer Charlie Charles, Doris Lessing, England cricketer Fred Titmus, England foot­baller Joe Cole and the founder of the Pearly Kings Henry Croft for whom we will be unveiling a plaque on Friday May 24. (Join us for refreshments in the Cock Tavern after the unveiling).

I’m a big folk music fan in all its forms but Mumford and Sons is more the sort of group their Holland Park neighbour David Cameron might be caught grooving to in his £25K Farrow and Ball shepherd’s hut than be heard at our annual street festival (Saturday July 13).

I wish them luck with the new club – additional nightlife is always good in Camden. But surely musical:geographical relationships are significant; the Beach boys/Doors mean California, Ramones/ Frank Sinatra – New York, Madness/Amy Winehouse – Camden but what’s going on here?

I would be interested to know what is their connection with Somers Town and why they chose to appropriate the name of our estate in the first place.

Somers Town


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