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My Direct Payment has been cut without warning

07 March, 2019

• MY Direct Payment has been cut. I found out the other morning when the remittance slip arrived.

It is money for care and support needs due to my long-term mental health problem and is, I believe, a statutory obligation under section 117 of the Mental Health Act.

I was not informed or warned this was about to be done. I don’t use social media and have no way to find out if this is happening to others in Camden but I would like to know.

No one is answering the phone line on the remittance and no where on the web pages is there anything to explain how this can be done.

In fact they state on their information they have an obligation to contact me and my support team before changes can be made.

I know Camden are desperate to claw back any money they can but as a disabled person I depend on that extra money as many others do.

This change is particularly worrying since the Universal Credit changes remove the Disablement and Severe Disablement Allowances that come with Employment Support Allowance, and will effectively halve my monthly benefits.

I know that we are all struggling financially but think the least they could do is both to warn me and explain to me why these cuts are being made and give me some notice so that I can make other arrangements and inform those who need to know.

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