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My neighbour is being forced out by a heartless landlord

27 August, 2020

• I HAVE just heard the sad story of a kind neighbour who on day one of lockdown become unemployed. He shares a tiny flat close to the Royal Free where his partner is a nurse.

During lockdown he was a tremendous comfort to me as one of the wonderful team of volunteers, running errands and keeping in touch with me by WhatsApp, which, as I am elderly and alone, greatly cheered me up.

He now tells me they are moving from their flat as a nurse’s pay will not cover the monthly rent. They begged for a reduction, even on a temporary basis, but their request was refused.

The greedy landlord would not budge an inch and I will lose much-valued neighbours. Covid-19 has made many of us suffer. Why does this landlord have to be so heartless?



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