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My questions deserve answers

22 May, 2020

• MY thanks to Cllr Angela Mason for her response to my letter.

It’s great that she has used her response (Thanks to school staffs working tirelessly in response to the pandemic, Letters, May 14) as an opportunity to thank Camden teachers, school staff and schools for the amazing way they have responded to the crisis.

I wholeheartedly agree with that, they’ve done a great job in a such a short time and there is such a lot of work behind every piece of school work our children get online.

However on reading Cllr Mason’s response I can’t actually see any answers to the questions raised in my letter, (Why is my child losing out on education? May 7).

“What are the issues stopping Camden secondary pupils being provided with live online lessons, when other schools are able to provide such facilities” was my basic question.

I can’t see any answer to that in Cllr Mason’s response and I fail to see why it is regarded as “not accurate, helpful or fair” to raise it as a question and to ask why.

I’d really like to know what the problems are, not in order to criticise but as a parent trying to explain to their child why they can’t be taught using the same methods as some of the rest of their peer group.

Not an unreasonable question, surely? At the moment, from the lack of answers I’ve received, no explanation is possible.

I would have been much more reassured by Cllr Mason’s response if I had been able to learn what had been done regarding exploring the delivery of the GCSE content via live video lessons and what the hold ups and difficulties were.

I was heartened to learn that Cllr Mason shares parents’ and pupils’ concerns that they are falling behind.

Interactive live online teaching is effective and extremely motivating – at the moment pupils are practically teaching themselves parts of the syllabus, including maths.

I sincerely would like to feel that no stones had been left unturned by Camden Council and its education team, in their determination to creatively enable teachers to deliver the GCSE syllabus to their Year 10 pupils in the most effective ways.

I look forward to having my questions answered.

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