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My sheltered housing is both too hot and too cold

07 November, 2019

• LIVING in my sheltered housing for a number of years, I have never known a single year when all the heating didn’t go off and it happens always when the weather is at its coldest.

Come a heatwave, as some of the flats have the boiler in the bedroom, and it is all centrally controlled, we have to somehow survive being cooked.

As for flooding, I have lost count of all the times we have been inundated and I am not insured. Of course, no compensation.

The only good thing here is our warden Sean who works continually more than any one I know and is always easy going in spite of all he has to put up with.

Who is responsible for a building like this? Of course it’s the councillors – the very people who are now expecting a pay rise.

They gave the contracts for the cheapest heating system and the cheapest builders who then went bust. How they now have the nerve to expect a pay rise while we the elderly have to continue to endure to the death.

Argenta House, NW3


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