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Neighbours add messages of thanks to key workers to holly tree

One message became two, then three and four...

24 April, 2020 — By Dan Carrier

CREATIVE residents have decorated a tree in a Kentish Town street with artistic messages of support to show their appreciation for frontline workers.

The large holly tree is in the front garden of John and Louisa Aldridge, on the corner of Caversham Road and Bartholomew Road.

Last week the couple, along with their children, began to hang artwork in its branches and soon a handful of homemade signs multiplied as they invited neighbours to join in.


Piers Allardyce, who lives next door, said: “Our neighbours have always been big on Christmas and Halloween, so it wasn’t too surprising to see them put their skills to good use. It started off small, but the idea grew and grew. We have watched people come past, look at it, go off and then return with something to contribute. It has been amazing how many people have added to it.”

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