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‘NHS not HS2’ banners unfurled as police called to sit down protest

HS2 Rebellion block entrance to Euston construction site

19 May, 2020 — By Tom Foot

HS2 Rebellion in Granby Terrace

“NHS not HS2” and “PPE not GDP” banners were unfurled by protesters outside HS2’s Euston construction site this morning (Tuesday).

The HS2 Rebellion group – a united front of XR and anti-HS2 campaigners – blocked entrances in Granby Terrace, Hampstead Road and near the front entrance to Euston Station.

HS2 restarted construction work a fortnight ago triggering a coordinated campaign of demonstration along the proposed HS2 line to Birmingham.

Police were called to remove at least one sit-down protester.

HS2 Rebellion said: “HS2 Ltd is risking the wellbeing of its workers, their families and communities by prioritising a few weeks of work over their safety. The money being funnelled into this over-budget project could be spent on our under-funded healthcare system.”

A sit-down protester is removed by police wearing blue gloves 

A huge swathe of Euston has been knocked down to make way for the £120 billion HS2 railway that was this week slammed once again by the Public Accounts Committee.

Dorothea Hackman, who attended today’s protest, said: “It’s outrageous to be wasting over £100billion of taxpayers money on a project that is called into serious question by the public accounts report for misleading parliament as to cost.

“As well as the unacceptable level of impact on the community around Euston, and the environment, we have to act now for the climate and ecological emergency.
“I am so encouraged to see the young people of HS2 rebellion taking up the battle against monstrous HS2.”

HS2 has said its decision to send construction workers back to the site was in line with government guidance.

 Protesters met in Varndell Street

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