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Nick Harding’s concerns over this development have been vindicated

14 August, 2020

Nick Harding with his daughter Julia McCormack

• I WRITE with regard your John Gulliver full-page revelations, (Lawyers tell Town Hall: Forget £3million debt – it can’t be collected, August 6).

Back in 2014 when I was Camden’s “Cycling Champion Councillor” and chair of what was known as “Rucksack” (the cyclists’ and walkers’ group), I had a lot of dealings with Nick Harding.

He was as vociferous and persistent then as he is now. But I was truly horrified to learn that the then assistant director for environment and transport had had Nick formally designated as “vexatious” by the borough solicitor.

I confronted said assistant director officer to his face on November 11 2014, as to why. I was gobsmacked by his riposte that Nick was taking too much of his team’s time.

Being “vexatious” meant that officers were no longer under any obligation to respond to Nick. I was truly disgusted and said so.

What Camden needs is more such persistent citizens who are prepared to pursue obvious financial failures and cover-ups by officers, as has happened with the ghastly Talacre block, with such expensive-to-the-council consequences.

I think Nick Harding is owed an apology. For him to have been formally declared “vexatious” by his council seems to me to be grounds for a possible claim of defamation – particularly as, in this case, Nick’s concerns have been fully vindicated.

We live with the Talacre carbuncle and a £3million hole.

Bartholomew Villas, NW5


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