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No Israeli apartheid

02 May, 2019

RESPONDING to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s letter April 18, until the Oslo Accords created the Palestinian Authority (PA), there were no “Palestinian territories”. PA citizens are not citizens of Israel and are, as one of many examples, subject to border control checks in much the same way as all countries control their borders. That is NOT apartheid.

All Israeli citizens regardless of religion and ethnicity have equal rights enshrined in law. Muslims, Christians, Druze and Baha’i are represented throughout Israeli society, from Knesset down to everyday life. That is NOT apartheid.

Israel’s Nation State Law contains no additional rights for Jews nor does it promulgate fewer rights for Arabs. There is NO apartheid there.

The IDF is has a high dedication to ethics in warfare and to upholding international laws. Israel’s volunteer and recruiting programs are similar to the practices of most countries in the Western world including Great Britain. It is absurd to imply that Israel-supporters are guilty of improper or criminal behaviour for activities that are both legal and common in other countries.

With regard the UNHRC report mentioned, it frames the Gaza border violence as “civilian protests”. In reality, they were a deliberate Hamas-led operation. Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar stated: “We will take down the border and tear out their hearts from their bodies.”

Israel’s election results are democratic and a result of there being no sincere Palestinian peace partner. The PA refuses to negotiate, it glorifies terrorism and pays salaries to incarcerated Palestinian terrorists. Two of the parties the PSC mentions are not only anti-occupation but are simply anti-Zionist too – they do not believe Israel should exist in any borders.

The PSC should stop omitting and distorting the facts and consider that there are two sides in this conflict. And Hamas.

Chairman of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland


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