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Northern Line ‘was used for anthrax test’

MP seeks answers over secret research

12 February, 2021

A FORMER MP has written a detailed account of how he believes gov­ernment scientists tested the effect of anthrax on unknowing Northern line passengers in the 1960s.

Norman Baker, who was among the Lib Dems who served in the coalition government, has pursued details of the alleged incident.

He said a “powder puff” of the toxic substance was deliberately let off in an underground tunnel in 1963 in south London and “the spores took 15 minutes to travel 10 miles to Camden Town, contaminating all stops along the way.”

Mr Baker added, in an article for the Mail on Sunday this week: “There is no record of precisely why this reckless operation took place, although it was doubtless to gauge the behaviour of biological weapons in the event of an enemy attack.”

He said aside from his research the incident was “barely remembered, let alone acknowledged” and that details should be known if the public had been used as “guinea pigs” without their consent.

A government report released in 2002 noted that some germ testing in the UK had taken place between 1940 and 1979.

A spokeswoman for Porton Down said then, in relation to secret tests in general, that “there was no danger to public health from these releases which were carried out to protect the public”.


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