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Nothing is done to control illegal parking on our estate

04 October, 2019

• SO Camden Council are asking for views on illegal parking on their estates. Well I live on the Lymington Road estate NW6 and we have the same ongoing problem with people illegally parking on the estate and no one doing anything about it.

They park where they like when they like, and for as long as they want, blocking access to tenants’ garages and parking bays. Also the limited number of visitors’ parking bays, with a maximum stay of four hours, are taken up with people parking on them for as long as they want and, again, no one does anything about it.

Having spoken with some of my neighbours about this they are reasonably asking why do we have to pay to rent garages and parking bays when these people illegally parking do not have to pay anything and get away with it. The council are supposed to manage the parking control on this estate but we have not seen a parking warden patrolling for ages.



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