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O brave new streatery world!

31 July, 2020

• ALLOW me to express my regret for the churlish comments I made about the Belsize Village Streatery reported in your issue of July 9, (‘Streatery’ up and running in Belsize village, but is it like Parisian dining?).

How wrong I was! Within just two weeks the streatery, to use the words of its founder and licensee Robert Stephenson-Padron, has brought about an “economic explosion” in Belsize Village.

All trace of the economic depression that has weighed so signally on the village for the near 40 years that I have lived here, gone.

The Porsches are purring.

Visitors come from as far afield as Fulham and West Hampstead to experience the “European-esque” delights of dining on the “Costa del Belsize” and the “Singaporean-like cleanliness” of an area which for decades has been blighted by “historic mounds of rubbish” and the debris
of “fox-leakages.”

Thanks to the heroic efforts of the event-stewards Mr Stephenson-Padron has not even been forced to issue canes for the Singaporean-like chastisement of the offenders.

The only remaining pollution is the toxic cigarette ends carelessly tossed away by such recidivist low lives as “delivery drivers, builders and venue staff”.

But their days may be numbered, for the licensee has called in the council’s enforcement officers.

“O brave new world That has such people in’t.” These words, by the way, Will’s, not Bob’s.



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