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On June 8 think of children’s futures

18 May, 2017

Comedian David Baddiel

• YOUR report (Teaching will suffer, warns Baddiel, as he helps schools, May 11) about comedian David Baddiel’s support for William Ellis Secondary School in Parliament Hill and New End Primary School in Hampstead illustrates the sad reality that many parents will have to face in the future if we continue with a Tory government which has sharply increased inequality in our society.

We can already witness larger classes, fewer subject choices at GCSE level, fewer after-school activities, fewer support staff, fewer teachers and more supply staff.

Even though Camden has always had scarce resources it has a proud record of education achievement in the borough. This is now under threat.

Theresa May’s plans are to cut funding from inner-city areas and to transfer funds to the rural areas, in which she has most support. It is a simple political ploy.

This comes on top of plans to slash the funds spent on every single pupil by 8 per cent in real terms over the next three years. This means a cut of around £3billion a year. Secondary schools in London will lose around £16.1million by 2019-20.

In Camden we are going to be hit harder than anywhere, with every school in the constituency of Holborn & St Pancras due to be worse-off in per-pupil funding as a result of the Tory cuts.

Only a Labour government is prepared to stand up to this. Labour has promised to: reverse the planned cuts to the school budgets; keep class sizes under 30 for all five, six, and seven-year-olds; and offer free school meals for all primary school children so that no child is expected to learn on an empty stomach.

Investing in our children should be everyone’s concern. I urge parents to think of what this will do to our children’s futures and vote for a free, well-resourced education for all.

(Recently retired Head of Maths)
Chalton Street, NW1


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