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On the move again! Fugitive John McAfee ‘tweets from Camden Town’

Days after posting photos from jail cell, cybersecurity expert reaches London

28 July, 2019

John McAfee posted photos earlier in the week of his prison cell in the Dominican Republic

FUGITIVE John McAfee revealed he was in Camden Town today (Sunday) as he continued to avoid the US government.

The anti-virus software entrepreneur is wanted for suspected tax evasion, but has been living a colourful life ‘on the run’ which has been charted by followers on his Twitter account.

Last week, he was held in a Dominican Republic jail after the 73-year-old and his entourage were stopped with guns after docking their yacht. He spent four days in a jail cell, but still managed to post photos of himself.

Some reports suggested he would be handed over to the US but after his release he said he was in London and today (Sunday) uploaded a photo with a stamp indicating that it had been posted in Camden Town.

“On the move again,” said Mr McAfee, who has declared that he is running a 2020 presidential campaign from his boat. “The long arm of the U.S. is reaching for us here in London. Thank God it’s a weekend. Government bureaucracy paperwork is stalled until tomorrow morning. We are never stalled. Will update you soon.”

A tweet from John McAfee was marked Camden Town

Authorities in Belize also want to question him over the death of a neighbour during his time living there in 2012. He has previously told Wired magazine that he had nothing to do with the killing, and feared that those responsible may have been looking for him.

McAfee, the cyber security software, became a household product after its launch in 1987, as computer users look for ways to halt viruses and protect their machines.

Mr McAfee, who was born in Gloucestershire, became a multi-millionaire through its success and more recently has been advocate of cybercurrency, including Bitcoin. He has predicted that a single Bitcoin would be worth $1 million by the end of next year.

“My crime is not filing tax returns – not a crime,” he said previously. “The rest is propaganda by the US government to silence me.”

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