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On the rubbish collection issue parties should back their own stated policies

16 March, 2017

• REGARDING rubbish collection, it’s quite incredible opposing political parties don’t actually support their own stated policies once they are proposed and implemented by a Labour council.

One would have thought that the Camden Green Party would be delighted at the opportunity to majorly drive up the poor recycling levels and reduce landfill so more resources can be diverted into services.

Not at all.

They prefer to undermine and nit-pick over lack of consultation on a tiny supplement for garden waste collection, surmising that it will create loss of vegetation plus extra trips to Regis Road, all the time ignoring the destruction of trees due to HS2 and all manner of other problems.

In the same vein, Conservative ideological commitment to austerity has decimated local government budgets and resulted in a virtual end of many local facilities and services which many relied upon heavily.

The reduction in waste collections and increased recycling will create huge savings of £5million annually for the borough.

How do Camden Tories chose to respond?

Create critical levels of alarm over fly-tipping and complain that, due to disparities in the service, it’s unfair, class war, and undemocratic.

While Rome burns, the little Neros fiddle.

Words fail.



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