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One success in defending the NHS

14 February, 2020

Whittington Hospital

• THIS letter is to say a big thank you to people who have helped stop cuts in the number of diabetic specialist nurses at the Whittington Hospital.

You’ve all helped several hundred insulin-dependent diabetics maintain the conditions for a healthy, active, life. Diabetic complications can lead to blindness, kidney disease and amputations.

First, there are my fellow-campaigners in who all sent emails to the chief executive at the Whittington Hospital as soon as we found out about the proposed cuts.

Other supporters who sent in emails against the proposed cut were members of Islington North Labour Disabled Members’ Forum and delegates to Islington Trades Union Council. Thanks to you all!

Thanks also to the your reporter who, once you discovered what was happening, phoned the Whittington chief executive office to find out more. By this time the proposed cut was proving a worry to the Whittington’s managerial level.

Thanks also to my brilliant local Councillor Janet Burgess who not only asked questions but requested that the answers be written down. And to the Labour members of Junction ward who were willing to send an emergency motion to the Whittington.

The support of all these people collectively beat the proposal to cut the job of our one and only full-time diabetic specialist nurse and tell the part-timers they had to cover this key job among themselves.

This collective strength means I and my fellow campaigners in Keep Our NHS Public can all leaflet to publicise the Day of Action on the February 15 on the winter crisis at the Whittington, Royal Free, Moorfields, University College Hospital, etc so more patients can let others know what’s really happening in our underfunded and overstretched National Health Service. And to decide that they will campaign to defend it.

Hornsey Lane, N6


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