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Only £10 a glass to you!

15 July, 2021

Illustration by John Sadler 

• LOCALS feared a wine store might lead to anti-social behaviour on Hampstead Heath so the owner sought to dispel their concern by stressing his typical customer was from the top social classes and his plonk would retail at around £10 a glass, (I can’t envisage our customers will get drunk on the Heath, June 24).

At first I thought this was a clincher of an argument for greater equality in our society. After all, if we all had to pay £10 a glass for wine the entire population would surely be models of decent behaviour.

Then I remembered the long tradition of boorish drunken behaviour among our toffs and how some of our most respected leaders spent their formative years as members of such excellent organisations as the Bullingdon Club.

It’s the same the whole world over. It’s the poor that get the blame. It’s the rich that get the pleasure. Ain’t it all a bloomin’ shame!



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