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Oppose the New Labour Project that is the CIP in Camden

05 April, 2018

• CLLR Danny Beales, cabinet member for “investing in communities”, needs to be far more open with people about the so-called Community Investment Programme (CIP).

He could start by giving the New Journal a comprehensive list of every tennis court, football pitch, children’s play area and green space that has been confiscated to facilitate the CIP thus far, plus all the similar spaces the CIP will see confiscated going forward during its full 15 year period.

Let the New Journal publish the full list and give the voters of Camden an opportunity to see what it has truly cost for a net gain of just over 40 council flats per year.

Frank Dobson came up with some very interesting ideas for where we could build the new council homes that people in Camden so desperately need, (‘We can create space to build new homes’, March 22).

For example, he talked about building on top of tube and railway stations, and of decking over Camden’s deep railway cuttings.

I would offer up a further idea. Network Rail is currently in the process of selling off on the open market its entire commercial property portfolio, property which brings in hundreds of millions of pounds in annual income.

Why is this being allowed to happen? Why is Camden, and indeed other councils, not stating the case for keeping all this land and buildings in public hands, and seeing how they could come to an arrangement for helping to ease the council housing crisis?

The reason, of course, why this won’t happen is the same reason as to why the 67 acres of King’s Cross Railway Lands was privatised largely by the government of Blair and Brown with its “New Labour Project”. The politicians don’t want the public to have that land.

Don’t for one moment believe that the CIP is in place purely because of restrictions placed on Camden by this rotten Conservative government.

New Labour in 13 years of central government barely built a council flat. They put vast efforts into shunting council housing stock throughout Britain into arms-length management companies or outright stock transfer.

The CIP, with its confiscation of so much precious leisure space to facilitate the building of properties for private sale for a net gain of just over 40 council flats per year, is so “New Labour”.

The absolute tragedy is that, years after the “New Labour Project” was roundly rejected by the people of Britain, it is alive and kicking in town halls up and down the country, and particularly in London and other big cities. This is thanks to the iron grip that “New Labour” still has on the local party machinery.

The great majority of Labour councillors in Camden are wedded to the bankrupt “New Labour Project” and the new local Labour Party rules have allowed them to be automatically reselected without needing to defend their records at a branch meeting.

A vote for Labour at the May elections is a vote for the continuation of the “New Labour Project “ and its rotten CIP.

Google a fine group called Architects for social housing, and see the devastation that “New Labour” councils have inflicted on council estates across London with their evil so-called “regeneration schemes”.

It is nothing less than social cleansing on an industrial scale. And it has been going on for years under cover of a largely silent media.

I for one am not willing to see the “New Labour Project” continuing to go unopposed. I will vote for the Green Party because they have at least offered some kind of real opposition to the CIP.

I hope they get as many councillors as possible in order to facilitate change that genuinely benefits the people of Camden.



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