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Oppose this absurd idea for a new incinerator

14 February, 2020

The existing Edmonton incinerator

• AN excellent letter from Dorothea Hackman, (Petition against this new incinerator, February 6). Waste is one of mankind’s biggest problems at this point in our evolution.

In New York, as long as I can remember, there is a 5 cent return on any plastic bottle. So one sees these poor people, pushing around a giant mound of these empty bottles in order to make a $100.

That is such a simple thing to do, so why is this government from the top in Westminster not putting that into law?

And Westminster should also think about subsidising heating boilers that do not rely on gas, while helping everyone to replace gas with more renewable energy.

To persuade manufacturers to not use tiny plastics is much harder. A few weeks ago I heard that Coca-Cola said they will continue with their plastic bottles as their customers want them.

Plastic, unless a special kind, in itself is toxic. If it undergoes temperature changes cytokines are formed in the water which when swallowed cause cancer. As for incineration, that is dreadful. And burning plastic even worse.

The only possible solution may be that there can be some kind of apparatus to filter the toxic fumes before leaving the plant. I did hear of some scientific invention in that direction. If not this, then what is the alternative?

To bury it all is not on the table. Nor is shooting it into space or dumping it into the ocean or sending it to a poor country to bury.

I mean, what did we do right after the Second World War? My mother bought fruit and vegetables in the market and placed them in her straw basket.

The milkman took empty glass bottles away each day while delivering fresh milk-filled ones. Meat and fish were also wrapped in paper, instead of being prepackaged.

Now, maybe worse with Brexit, our food comes in giant containers from abroad, shipped and flown from Europe and now it will fly even greater distances, probably from the US and Commonwealth countries.

We have to go back to eating foods local to where we are. If the changes do not happen from the top of government down, I cannot see sufficient improvements in our air quality being made.

Oh, and I almost forgot the massive deforestation that the HS2 Ltd is executing all around its tracks in the countryside.

Sign Dorothea Hackman’s petition to stop the absurd building of a new incinerator.



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