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Our elusive C11 is an overcrowded boneshaker of a bus

14 December, 2017

Cartoon: John Sadler

• WHATEVER has happened to the C11 bus service? I am not alone in noticing a declining service, with fewer buses on the route.

The times of buses can be very erratic – even when coming straight from the Archway term­inus to Highgate Road.

The buses have become real boneshakers: one fears that they might be taken out of service at any time as a result of poor maintenance. Buses recently have frequently become dangerously over­crowded, with gangways packed tight with passengers.

This is often but not exclusively at school leaving time (several schools en route).
The other morning I waited nearly half an hour for a bus (one bus disappeared from the indicator board).

I was too late for my class at the U3A. I could have walked there in the time I had waited. When the bus came at 10.15, the gangway was packed again. On walking home, I saw another bus about three minutes behind with a handful of passengers.

Not only is this a vital route for several primary and secondary schools but it also serves two large hospitals: The Royal Free and the Whittington. Schedules can get out when traffic is bad, with buses coming from Brent Cross (not Archway), but if things get any worse the service will be endangered.



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