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Our family have never before felt threatened in our city

28 November, 2019

• MY son and his colleague were violently attacked on their way to work at the Camden Forum on Friday November 22.

A group of eight or more kicked, punched, strangled and slashed their faces and heads, breaking noses and jaws in what a police officer deemed one of the most violent attacks he’d heard of.

My son is a 31-year-old 6ft tall Londoner and being attacked in his home town has shaken him to the core. In spite of the officers’ professionalism the key message from the police was: “Don’t hold your breath until we catch them”.

Our family have lived in London all of our lives and have never before felt threatened where we live. Recently, though, I have been disillusioned by the squabbling, lying and appalling behaviour of MPs too. Do you think there is a connection?

When will campaigning MPs stop making vacuous promises and actually serve the communities it is their duty to foster and protect? Stand by for trite platitudes about increased police numbers blah blah…With “due respect” (that is, very little).

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