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Our front page: We know what will happen next

CNJ cover inspired by Boston Globe

06 April, 2019

THIS week’s front page is a homage to a famous “splash” last year by the Boston Globe newspaper, which had become fed-up with reporting on the same form of tragedy in what seemed like a never-ending cycle of death.

So repetitious was the loss of human life, that it seemed chillingly possible to predict future news. That what was what we had seen before, and no doubt would see again. In the Globe’s case, the newspaper was referring to spree shootings on US school grounds and campuses. Each time, people wrung their hands and said they were shocked, but nothing ever seemed to change.

And then there would be another one. It is a frightening feeling and could just as easily apply to stabbings and knife deaths in London in the past year.

We hope that our front page does not come to pass, that the community’s efforts and protests make a difference, that politicians take action.

But it’s a devastating point to reach, when the deaths of young people on the streets are no longer a surprise.

It cannot be simply part and parcel of living in an urban area like Camden.


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