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Our newspaper distributors have acted above and beyond the call of duty

02 July, 2020

‘Our newspaper distributors have turned out week after week without complaint’

• BOTH the CNJ and Islington Tribune have won many plaudits since lockdown began, including winning Free Newspaper of the year (Tribune) and Campaigning newspaper (CNJ).

I want to add to these by paying tribute to the men and women who have turned out to distribute both titles, as well as the Westminster Extra during the lockdown. They have turned out week after week without complaint.

On the first week of lockdown I phoned one of the CNJ drivers in the early hours to see how he was getting on. “I’m scared witless”, he told me.

“I’m wearing gloves and a mask and carrying a can to spray the bundles, the dispensers and the van cab”.

For the door-to-door guys it must have been even scarier walking around what were, due to the virus, truly the mean streets of Camden, Islington and Westminster.

I spoke on the phone to Alice, she started delivering the CNJ around Parliament Hill as a young girl 25 years ago and is still doing it today.

She, like all the distributors, was given the option not to deliver during the pandemic. Her friends were advising her not to go out, but she had worked through countless spells of extreme weather as well as 7/7 when the entire city closed. So, she wasn’t going to let the virus drive her off the streets

Then there are Michael and James both of whom volunteered to do additional rounds covering the regular distributors who were told to self-isolate.

Between them they are delivering to thousands of addresses week after week across all three boroughs in extremely trying circumstances travel wise.

Those readers who volunteered to deliver are also deserving of a mention.

For all of those who have continued to deliver throughout the lockdown, it can truly be said that they acted above and beyond the call of duty.

NJE Distribution
40 Camden Road, NW1


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