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Our road safety pleas have been ignored

13 June, 2019

Emergency services at the scene where a pedestrian was hit by a bus on Tottenham Court Road (Credit: Simon Lamrock)

• RESIDENTS of Grafton Way have been having email correspondence with the West End Project on various important issues causing problems for both residents and the general public; we have been ignored on all of them.

One of the important ones was road safety. On June 2 the chair of our tenants’ and residents’ association wrote to say she had witnessed many near-misses re traffic and pedestrians and was not looking forward to seeing signs go up with appeals for witnesses.

On the morning of the serious accident on Tottenham Court Road (before it happened) she wrote: “the signs reminding pedestrians to look both ways were removed long before people were used to doing so”.

The woman at the West End Project replied: “We left the signs up for over a month to give people notice.” I hope they are proud of themselves.

Grafton Way, WC1


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