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Our street has gone from tree-lined to bin-lined in one day

16 March, 2017

• IN preparation for the switch to fortnightly collections of non-recyclable rubbish, we recently received our new wheelie bins from Camden Council/Veolia.

In the space of a single day King Henry’s Road has gone from “tree-lined” to “bin-lined” and these new bins cannot be used for more than three weeks.

But think of the positives.

This will “boost recycling rates”, the council informs us.

Our house of four flats previously had a single 240-litre wheelie bin for landfill rubbish, which was emptied weekly.

We now have four 240-litre landfill bins which will be emptied fortnightly.

Four times as many bins, half as many collections, “boost recycling rates”.

I’m going to keep saying it to myself over and over until it starts to sound convincing.

King Henry’s Road, NW3 


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