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Parliament must see off Mrs May’s deal

11 January, 2019

• BREXIT is really hotting up. That’s not a reference to the ugly scenes outside Parliament in recent days. The thugs causing the trouble there have very little in common with most Brexit supporters.

It’s what’s happening inside Parliament that’s getting interesting. Parliament’s taking back control – yes, one of the key promises of the Leave campaign.

But what if Parliament now votes against the kind of Brexit some MPs are peddling? Recent polling tells us only a minority of the population are falling for the fantasy promises of silken-tongued politicians who assure us a no-deal crash-out would be a walk in the park.

Common sense tells us we’d be heading instead for calamity. Just look at the government’s no-deal preparations with a ferry company that has no ferries, almost no cash in the bank, and terms and conditions suggesting its main business is pizza deliveries.

I wouldn’t want to wait for their pizzas, let alone fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy products, urgent medical supplies or just-in-time parts for factories operat­ing in a highly-compet­itive global market. Ordinary people can see this, and thank heavens Parliament is wresting back control to prevent it.

But if we really want control over our affairs, Parliament must also see off Mrs May’s deal, which would reduce us to rule-takers under the thumb of an EU in which we no longer have any say.

If that leaves the whole Brexit project in crisis, let Parliament in its wisdom refer it back to us to settle in a People’s Vote.



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