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Path resurfacing work is overdue

15 October, 2020

• FURTHER to Mick Farrant’s letter (We can see the destruction of the Community Investment Plan here, October 8), I would like to add that a path that passes Cherry Court – one of the few buildings built as part of a development on Wellesley Road / Vicar’s Road in 2017 – has not been resurfaced since at least 2000.

I was expecting it to be done as a matter of course when the work was completed. The pavement on Vicar’s Road, by the private flats, was repaved so I can only assume the council does not care about its tenants – or all the people who use this path.

I take care when using it because it has so many patches of different materials, but I tripped and fell recently and was lucky not to break any bones. I hope someone is listening and this overdue work will be done soon.



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