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Pensioners are living in constant fear

20 June, 2019

• A LARGE percentage of the population of my generation (1930s) were working at the age of 14 and paid tax and insurance until retirement. It is not unreasonable for them to now be receiving one of the few benefits on offer, a free TV licence.

It was the government’s decision to pass on this cost to the BBC at the same time it decided to cut funding to the corporation; presumably to fund the promised tax cuts to the very wealthy.

It is line with the Tory policy which decided that local authorities should take over funding of the Freedom Pass at the same time cuttings its funding. Pensioners have lived in constant fear of losing their precious freedom to travel.

Now the same concern will be extended to the threat to the TV licence. We should all be concerned about the whispers behind these cuts; let’s go back to the good old days of means-testing – a policy always yearned for by every Tory government.

Islington’s Pensioners’ Forum


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