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People care about trees because they care about people

23 October, 2020

Canopy: view of the trees from a Dixon Clark Court flat

• WHAT a dishonest and tediously predictable reaction it is to caricature people trying to protect trees as “anti-housing” or even “anti-people”.

Such a false dichotomy is at best lazy thinking on the part of politicians and developers, and at worst a cynical attempt to silence anyone who understands what most children know instinctively – people need homes and trees.

Given their immense benefits to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of human beings, mature trees should never be seen as a “nice to have”, but ultimately disposable, part of our city.

Islington itself has declared climate emergency and trees are vital to maintaining the habitability of our urban environment.

The emergency is now, not in several decades’ time, when any replacement saplings might begin to offer the kind of benefits currently provided by the trees at Dixon Clark Court on Highbury Corner.

People care about trees because they care about people.



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