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People’s safety is more important than raising income

07 February, 2019

• THE response of the Camden Council spokesman to your article “Businessman wins appeal over traffic fine at market”( January 31) is extremely worrying.

I presume that said person is speaking with the full authority of the council and its leader. Firstly, he disputed the independent adjudicator’s findings arrogantly suggesting the council is “above the law”.

But very much more worrying is his failure to recognise that the reason for requiring the council market team officers to keep the gates closed at all times during prohibited hours on market days is for the safety of shoppers and stall holders.

Exactly a year ago I wrote to one of our local councillors alerting him to the danger of gates being left open after I witnessed a mother grab her very small child from almost under the wheels of a ten ton van. As the large number of fines throughout 2018 shows my plea was totally ignored.

Obviously the council spokesperson is solely concerned with raising money from fines and the safety of people on market days in Queen’s Crescent from vehicles is just not important to him.

Perhaps our six local councillors could take up the safety issue again and suggest to the spokesperson that people’s safety is more important than raising income; also instructing the market team manager that she must ensure the gates are kept closed at all times during market hours

Gospel Oak


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