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‘People’s Vote’ MPs are shirking responsibilities

11 January, 2019

• SECOND referen­dum? Can’t happen. Our Parliament compelled us by law to settle a matter it was afraid to face.

By the European Union (Notice of Withdrawal) Act 2017 Parliament voted by a huge majority to give two years’ notice of the date of departure. They voted to leave, 384 of them wanted it so much. “Leave means Leave” ceased to be the banal slogan so many of the 384 now claim: buyer’s remorse?

The question asked in the referendum had two possible and discrete answers: Remain or Leave. Two verbs, no adverbs, easily understood, precise. There was no mention of “Leave but only if Labour get round to formulating six tests which must first be satisfied…” Oh, it does go on this self-regarding, self-indulgent, witless drivel.

Hilary Benn voted to trigger Article 50. He was not the only MP who favoured remaining to do so, yet now does all he can to prevent leaving without a deal. He might have given this a bit of thought at an earlier date.

He and others by their votes have driven us towards a no-deal exit. How is it possible to vote for Article 50 and then try to prevent it? Seems our parliamentarians don’t know whether they are coming or going. Hence the resort to furniture, “Nothing is off the table”. If we have a second referendum, will this lot cope any better than they have the first time around?

They voted for Article 50, they voted to leave, so can they please deliver what they committed the nation to and not try to get themselves off the hook by conning people into thinking we need a People’s Vote. The only “people” who would benefit would be MPs using it as a means to flatter the public while at the same time running from their responsibility.

Mildmay Grove North, N1


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