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Perilous for pedestrians

14 February, 2020

The scene of the collision in Hampstead Road, which led to the death of Jennifer Heskins

• THE removal of nine traffic islands wasn’t mentioned in the public consultation on building a cycle lane in the Prince of Wales Road.

It’s clear that local people would not have agreed for this scheme to go ahead had they been fully informed as to the details of the overall plan. This will undoubtedly further reduce safety for pedestrians.

Just last month, the CNJ reported on the death of Jennifer Heskins, hit on a pedestrian crossing, and noted that she was the fourth pedestrian to be killed on Camden’s roads in the past six months, (Driver in fatal crash did not check mirrors properly, inquest told, January 9).

Despite these deaths on the roads Camden Council continues to disregard basic safety in road design and known blackspots.

They were asked three years ago after the death of Nahid Islam, aged just 16, to change the zebra to a safer toucan-style crossing. Despite an 804-strong petition, nothing has happened. Sheila Karsberg was killed by a cement truck in the same year.

Again, despite a public outcry that a pensioner couldn’t safely cross the road in her own neighbourhood and calls to eliminate this death trap on Pratt Street, there have been no remedial works.

Heavy traffic is going to worsen considerably over the next 17 years as the Prince of Wales Road is a designated HS2 route. This is coupled with the London population increasing to 10.8 million by 2041.

We would implore councillors and officials to call a halt to this project and reinstate the traffic islands and avoid further devastating loss of life.

Better still take the cycle route through the other, already quiet, east-west routes.

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