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Planned tower blocks on the O2 Centre site are inappropriate

15 October, 2021

The O2 Centre site on Finchley Road

• LANDSEC, the owners of the O2 Centre, have just published their latest “masterplan” promoting their current ideas for developing the site.

It looks very pretty but don’t be deceived. The images are all carefully designed to make it look enticing.

What they are planning is a densely packed forest of tower blocks between nine and 16 storeys high – totally inappropriate for our area.

They say 50 per cent of the area will be green space, but this is mostly small corridors of green squeezed between the blocks.

If they completely rethought the design they could avoid tower blocks and create a lovely, large, usable, green space.

How? By taking inspiration from the Alexandra Estate and building all the housing in tiers round the edges of the site, leaving a huge park in the centre.

They could also retain the O2 Centre. Demolishing it not only means we lose much-valued facilities but knocking down buildings is hugely damaging environmentally.

Landsec own the site, and Camden Council will have little choice but to agree that housing is built there.

I urge your readers to press Landsec to develop a much more appropriate human vision for the site. What they are currently proposing will create a nightmare.

Something much better is possible.

Goldhurst Terrace, NW6


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