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Plans for a proposed cycleway ignore locals and are lacking in research

19 July, 2019

• ISLINGTON’S planning department and Transport for London have done it again.

While we are all in favour of safer cycling, their Finsbury Park to Highbury Fields Cycleway plan (the consultation for which closed on July 15) lacks proper local research or is deliberately contemptuous of local residents.

As a resident of Witherington Road I have discovered that as a result of stopping right turns out of Horsell Road into Drayton Park – a proposal not covered in the widely distributed leaflet only available online – we will be prevented for three hours a day from making any right turns into Drayton Park from the area because Arvon Road, the only other exit, is closed for school safety during that time.

This is just one of many doubtful proposals in the plan. This is all too familiar to Drayton Park residents. Years ago Islington Council, against the views of the local population, put in, at great expense, a traffic-calming system opposite Drayton Park station that caused more accidents than had occurred before.

It was eventually removed – once again at great expense. Are we going to see history repeat itself?

Witherington Road, N5


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