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Plight of Stoly and the Stansted 17

Foreigners are fair game as the May government attempts to make headlines about falling immigrant figures

07 April, 2017 — By John Gulliver

Former Camden Council leader Raj Chada is coming to the rescue of Stansted activists

IT did not make the headlines it should have done but an extraordinary event took place last week – 17 men and women chained themselves to the wheels of a plane at Stansted Airport as it was about to take off with more than 30 West Africans about to be deported. It reminded me of what happened to Stoly, a well-known face at a popular health food shop in Kentish Town who was arrested on Friday – for the deportation chop.

There is a particular pernicious political ­climate today, engendered by the May government, which is setting out to assure the public that it is keeping down immigrant figures.

Any foreigner is fair game. Good massaged headlines about falling figures, that is what Mrs May appears to want.

Stojan ‘Stoly’ Jankovic

But former Camden Council leader Raj Chada, a solicitor and well-known human rights lawyer, is coming to the rescue of the Stansted activists who are facing serious charges at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court of aggravated trespass.

The impact of the government’s obnoxious manoeuvres struck home when my son told me this week how efforts appear to be in the pipeline to deport his Chinese wife who has lived here with him for several years with their eight-year-old daughter.

He has a solicitor fighting the case and hopefully will make the Home Office see sense.But in the past few months they have shown few signs of common­sense when it comes to the immigration question. In their reaction to Home Office policies, bureaucrats down the line simply carry them out unthinkingly – in the way bureaucrats of large institutions always do.


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