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Police ‘disappointed’ after picnics and sunbathing on Primrose Hill

Police appeal once again for people to stay indoors

04 April, 2020

A police photograph of Primrose Hill

POLICE officers said they were “disappointed” tonight (Saturday) after facing an uphill battle to convince sunbathers and picnickers to go home as people broke the coronavirus lockdown to enjoy the sunshine.

On Primrose Hill, teams said they had moved on “100+ people we found with full picnics or blankets sunbathing or catching up with their friends.”

Under the rules of a three-week nationwide lockdown aimed at slowing the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus – now killing hundreds of people every day in the UK – people are only supposed to only leave their homes for essential shopping, to deliver aid, for one form of exercise a day or to go to places of key worker employment.

“Disappointed is the only word to describe what we found in Primrose Hill park today,” said an update from the Camden Town and Primrose Hill neighbourhood police team. Once one set of visitors to the park had been moved on, more arrived.


The bright weather is expected to be even warmer tomorrow (Sunday) leading to concerns that people will flock to the parks in Camden again. The Royal Parks has already warned that it may have to close Primrose Hill and Regent’s Park if people ignoring the social distancing rules, which say a two-metre gap must be maintained from one person to the next.

Police borough commander Chief Superintendent Raj Kohli later tweeted: “Disappointed in my fellow humans – so very disappointed. For once I have no words. None at all. I’ve said it before and will say it again. Many of the people in this pic were clapping the NHS on Thursday yet two days later we see this. The NHS would rather people stayed at home than behave the way that they are behaving.”

Camden Council has also urged people to use its parks sparingly with leader Georgia Gould make another appeal for people to stay inside during a videocall interview.




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