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Police in Camden Town start issuing lockdown fines

Man arrested after threatening to spread coronavirus through spitting

30 March, 2020

POLICE in Camden Town have issued their first fines for people breaking coronavirus lockdown rules.

Police said that too many were still not following the government’s stay at home order aimed at slowing the spread of Covid-19.

Nearly a week on from Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s demand, Camden police said: “Our night time economy team found themselves having to once again remind too many people to stay home,” adding in their Twitter communications: “They found themselves having to issue some of our first fines and were left with no choice but to arrest a male who was racially abusive and threatened coronavirus by spitting.”

Camden’s most senior police officer, borough commander Raj Kohli, said last week that he hoped people would make his team’s task easier by following the advice.

“We’re not going to enforce things until society understands what is essential and what’s not, we’ll at first be telling people to go home,” he said.

“If they say they disagree and they refuse, then in those circumstances we can give a fixed penalty notice, we can fine you. And in the very extreme circumstances you can be arrested.”

Mr Johnson, who is himself now suffering from the coronavirus, said last week that the NHS could become overwhelmed if the spread of the disease was not reduced. He told people not to leave their homes unless it is for essential work or shopping, one form of daily exercise or to get medical care to somebody else. Everybody must stay two metres apart when outside.

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