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Police investigate malicious email that led to Highgate school evacuation

Schools told to treat email as hoax and not evacuate classrooms

19 March, 2018 — By William McLennan

Students were led from Brookfield School on Friday

Police are investigating after schools across London were sent bomb hoax emails.

Brookfield Primary School in Highgate was evacuated on Friday after receiving a malicious email.

Camden Council have since told schools to treat the emails as a hoax and report them to “police non-emergency phone lines”, instead of emptying classrooms.

The council said they are not aware of any other schools being evacuated.

It is thought that hundreds of schools across the country received the email.

The message states that an explosive device has been placed within the school grounds and will be detonated unless a ransom is paid. It is believed the emails originate from the US and are not thought to be a “viable threat”.

A Met spokesman said: “Police are investigating reports of communications made to a number of schools across London on Monday, 19 March.

“There have been no arrests. Enquiries are ongoing.”

Brookfield headteacher Mark Stubbings said: “We took the decision to evacuate to La Sainte Union as a precautionary measure whilst we waited for further information.

“The police then contacted the school, confirmed it was a malicious hoax and that we were safe to return to our school.”

He added: “I’m pleased to say the children were incredibly sensible walking to and from the school and drew lots of compliments from the staff at La Sainte Union. The evacuation ran extremely smoothly.”


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