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Police officer taken to hospital after being spat at in face

Suspect arrested for 'disgusting' attack

23 May, 2020

A POLICE officer needed checks in hospital after being spat at in the face yesterday (Friday).

Officers in the Somers Town ward team said: “We attended a call earlier where two of our officers got spat at. One of them had to be checked over at the hospital for infectious diseases. This is unacceptable behaviour towards people that want to make a difference in their community.”

Camden Town inspector Richard Berns said: “This is disgusting at the best of times, but during a pandemic it is appalling. The spitter is now where they belong, in the cells.”

Earlier in the crisis, an investigation by the Daily Telegraph found 200 incidents of people spitting at police in England and Wales over the first month of the crisis. In most cases, people threatened to spread the virus.




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