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Police replace bike stolen from schoolboy

PC Lucinda Terry organises donations to help Acland Burghley pupil

17 March, 2017 — By William McLennan

Baha Ken from BikeHouse said he was ‘happy to help’

A TUFNELL Park schoolboy whose bicycle was stolen has had it replaced by police officers.

The Acland Burghley pupil’s bike was taken last year and, while the thieves were caught, police were unable to find the bike. Instead, they replaced it with a secondhand bike found by council street cleaners and reconditioned.

A bike was also provided for a second boy, who was “struggling with his journey to school,” police said.

The donations were organised by PC Lucinda Terry, based at the school in Burghley Road. Before the bikes were donated, a mechanic at BikeHouse in Fortess Road made them road-worthy.

Baha Ken, who owns the shop, said: “They wanted to give them something to show there are some good people in the world. I was happy to help.”

He added: “The person to be appreciated here is the policewoman. She is doing all that work.”

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