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Delivery driver’s patella crushed by pallet of Nutella

Man treated for minor leg injuries after officers "dig him out" from jars

14 June, 2017 — By William McLennan

Police joked that the man “thought he was toast”

A MAN was rescued by police after a crate-load of Nutella jars fell on top of him as he was unloading a delivery van in Camden Town.

Officers were  in pursuit of a suspect armed with a knife when they stumbled across the delivery man trapped beneath the jars of chocolate and hazelnut spread in Plender Street on Thursday.

Police said: “By sheer coincidence the chase went past a van on Plender Street being unloaded and a pallet of Nutella tipped off the back onto the man who was unloading. All officers went to the aid of the man and had to physically dig him out from under the fallen jars.”

The team of officers, who included three of the Met’s highly-trained public order medics, gave first-aid to the man, who was believed to have suffered a “ruptured patella”. He was driven away in an ambulance “conscious, but in pain,” they said.

Officers from Camden Town and Primrose Hill tweeted a picture of the Nutella spillage, with the caption: “Varied day: elections, knife calls, first aid to man crushed by a pallet of Nutella. Thought he was #toast …thankfully just leg injuries.”


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