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‘Police Tasered my dog Bullseye’

Homeless man wants his pet back after incident on Camden Town towpath

30 August, 2018 — By Tom Foot

John Paul Angus

TWO dogs were shot with Tasers by police in Camden Town after one of the animals bit an officer.

The Met said both dogs became “dangerously out of control” with one – a German shepherd – biting an officer on the upper thigh while the other, a bull terrier, “rushed aggressively” towards them. Both dogs were Tasered on the canal towpath and are now in the pound until a court hearing.

One of the dog’s owners, John Paul Angus, who is homeless, said he was walking down the towpath with his pet, known as Bullseye, when he came across a big “commotion” last week.

“He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time – he sees a commotion of course he’s going to get excited,” he said. “Bullseye was called Floyd after Pink Floyd, but when he got a few spots on his coat I called him Bullseye. “He’s been with me ever since I’ve been on the street – nine years. I look after him in the day, and he looks after me at night.”

Mr Angus and Bullseye spend most nights by Morrison’s supermarket in Chalk Farm. A police statement said they had arrested two men for having dogs dangerously out of control.

Police were called to the canal towpath near Gloucester Avenue on August 21. “It was reported that a group of males were harassing females as they passed,” the statement added. “Officers attended to speak to the men and one officer was immediately bitten on the upper thigh by a German shepherd dog. His injuries were not serious.” The dog was Tasered, but while police were waiting for specialist officers to attend to remove the dog “a second man attended the scene with a bull terrier-type dog”.

The statement added: “Despite repeated warnings to the second man to control his dog, the dog was repeatedly allowed to rush aggressively at officers.

A Taser was also deployed against this dog. “Both dogs were seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act.”

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