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Police warn of laptop con on Kilburn High Road

Victim of con loses £200 in street fraud

12 April, 2017 — By William McLennan

POLICE have warned shoppers to be on the lookout for fraudsters after a man bought what he thought was a discount Apple laptop, but was actually a bag full of water bottles.

The latest con took place last week, with a victim approached on Kilburn High Road on Thursday afternoon and offered a MacBook for just £200. He followed two men into nearby Birchington Road and inspected the computer before agreeing to the deal. But moments after handing over the cash, he realised that the suspects had switched the laptop bag for one containing five bottles of water.

PCSO Shameem Ali said: “It’s basically a quick switch that they do when they’ve somehow distracted the victim. The victim thinks they’re getting the bag with the laptop, when in fact they’re just getting a bag with water bottles in.” He said the victim “realised immediately” that he had been duped and tried to run after the con artists’ car as they drove away. He gave chase but the car had gone by that time,” said PCSO Ali. “The main advice is not to buy from people on the street. Obviously an Apple Mac laptop is worth about £1,500. If someone is offering it to you for £200, you have got to ask yourself why are they offering it so cheap. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. That’s the ultimate message.”

PCSO Ali added: “The victim obviously thought he was getting a good deal, but that’s what they prey on. They used to do it with mobile phones as well.”

One of the suspects was described as a white man in his 50s of “large build with gold hair and a green tattoo on his shoulder”. The second suspect was described as a “slim, white male”. PCSO Ali said that a similar crime had recently been reported in nearby Brondesbury


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