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Politicians betrayed our trust over Brexit

11 October, 2018

• MPs Tulip Siddiq and Sir Keir Starmer are right – we need a public vote on Brexit. We have all been betrayed by our politicians over Brexit and deserve to have the final say on leaving the EU.

The government have managed to do the unimaginable. They’ve come up with a plan that unites the EU, leavers and remainers in common cause, they all hate it!

When people voted in the referendum they all had two things in common, irrespective of whether they voted for Leave or Remain.

They all voted for an outcome that they believed would improve their lives, and the lives of their children; and they trusted that politicians would negotiate in good faith in order to bring about an agreement that benefited UK citizens.

The government made a deal with the people; you decide whether to remain or leave the EU and we in turn will negotiate the best deal on your behalf.

But dogmatic ideology and naked political self-interest have been allowed to dominate over the interests of the people.

The government has failed to deliver its side of the contract and it is looking increasingly likely that we could crash out without a deal, a scenario which ought to cause real dismay to everyone, irrespective of how they voted.

This clearly has huge repercussions for everyone including the 75 per cent of Camden residents who voted Remain and it could have very serious consequences for all our lives.

No one voted for food shortages, stockpiling of medicines, or for foreign travel to become more difficult and costly.

It puts the future of Northern Ireland in question and raises the risk of violence and social unrest within the province.

It poses severe risks to manufacturing and it will almost certainly presage a substantial period of economic stagnation across the UK with the attendant effects on jobs, wages and inflation.

And a no-deal Brexit would inevitably lead to lower tax revenues to the Treasury, meaning less money available to spend on community regeneration, NHS, policing, housing and social services – the things that matter to most people.

Austerity has hit households hard over the past decade and it will be those individuals and communities that have suffered most who will be hit hardest by a no-deal Brexit.

It will make no difference whether you voted to Leave or Remain, the economic, health, social and security consequences will hit us all hard. And no one voted for this.

This is why a people’s vote becomes so important . If our politicians had put the interest of country before party we would not be in this mess, but they failed to do so.

They broke the contract and betrayed our trust. We therefore cannot allow their reckless disregard for the people of this country to go unchallenged.

It is totally unreasonable for one side (the government) to fail to keep to its side of the bargain while insisting that the other parties (the people) remain bound by the original agreement.

As citizens of the UK we need to send a clear signal to the government: deliver what you promised or the deal’s off.

Open Britain Hampstead volunteer


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