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PR messages for Sir Keir

17 September, 2021

Make Votes Matter activists outside Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s constituency party office

• CAMPAIGN group Make Votes Matter North London’s supporters last week delivered postcards from constituents to Sir Keir Starmer’s office, telling him they want change in the way we elect MPs.

The current FPTP, first- past-the-post, system is not fit for purpose. Seventy-one per cent of votes are wasted, having no effect on the outcome of an election, because seats do not match votes.

Voters in just some 30 to 50 marginal constituencies decide the outcome, while many seats have MPs for life. Messages for north London MPs came from Make Votes Matter’s recent Day of Action in Kentish Town.

Also presented were the results of a “DemocracyMeter poll”, 100 signatures on petition against home secretary, Priti Patel’s attempt to put the clock back, introducing FPTP for London’s mayoral election, plus balloons in the colours of the Suffragettes and Make Votes Matter.

Labour leader Sir Keir during his leadership campaign invited the party to look at electoral reform.

This month’s Labour conference in Brighton is highly likely to debate PR, proportional representation, after almost half of all Constituency Labour Parties, that is 314 of 648, including eight north London CLPs, have backed PR and at least 144 sent PR motions to conference.

Chair, Make Votes Matter
North London


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