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Precious photos are lost in purse snatch

65-year-old lost snaps of her relatives after stopping in the street during hot weather

14 August, 2020 — By Calum Fraser

Photographs featuring her mother that were included in Esther Doyle’s memory cards

A GRANDMOTHER is appealing for help after heartless thieves stole her purse containing precious souvenirs dedicated to relatives.

Esther Doyle was walking home on Friday along Junction Road, Archway, when she became distracted by the sweltering heat which forced her to slow down.

The 65-year-old had been out for several hours working as a cat-sitter, and when she finally made it home she found that her backpack had been opened and her purse was gone.

She is now frantically calling on members of the public to keep their eyes peeled for the black leather purse which contained memory cards relating to her late mother, aunties and friends.

Grandmother-of-three Ms Doyle told the Tribune: “I was on my last legs, literally reeling from the heat.

“If God had intended me to be out in that he wouldn’t have made me Irish.

“I suppose I was a very easy target. The purse with all my cards – over-60s’ Oyster card, money – all gone.

“But worst of all, my memory cards were gone.”

Making a memory card to remember a loved one is an Irish tradition. One of Ms Doyle’s cards was dedicated to her mother Bridie, who was a popular figure around Archway. It has a picture of Bridie on one side and the Curragh Racecourse, County Kildare, on another side.

“Mum loved the horses,” said Ms Doyle. “We were at the races three days before she died aged 95. William Hill must have gone to the wall after we lost her.”

She added: “I can imagine whoever has stolen my purse might just chuck away these cards thinking they are worthless.”

Santander confirmed that someone had tried to use her debit card.

If you have any information, email Ms Doyle at


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