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Premium pizza delivery in Singapore: the rise of gourmet quality food

01 October, 2017

Singaporeans are getting into food delivery. What do they often order? Obviously, the choice is going to be fast food.

Often hungry with an unpredictability, they might consider burgers, pizza, or even specially made Halal dishes which are widely available. You can order pizza online via Foodpanda or you can choose from a variety of other dishes – Singaporeans like their food, and if anything defines the Singapore experience it is eating there.

Gourmet quality food is the way forward. If you think pizza, you don’t immediately think gourmet.

You’d be surprised. You can have dishes like Pollo Picante (spicy chicken), involving Calabrian-style (an Italian region) spicy shredded chicken, turkey ham, extra spicy Calabrian chilli/pepperoncino and a homemade pizza sauce topped with mozzarella cheese.

This is available at Sarpino’s (Bukit Merah). Or – you could try The Fun Guys pizza from Nickeldime – which is a beer pizza with roasted garlic cream, mozzarella, a trio of forest mushrooms sauteed in craft beer, white button, shiitake and golden mushrooms.

The list really does go on.

There’s the choice of salmon or seafood pizza at La Pastificio or vegetarian pizza with mushrooms, bell peppers, black olives, onion and mozzarella cheese at Tim’s Restaurant and café. There’s many a gourmet pizza to be had.

The Singapore palate is really diverse. You can order Korean food, Indian food, Chinese food, Japanese sushi, vegetarian foods… slap these different cultural tastes on top of a pizza and that’s what you’ve got in Singapore.

Singapore’s population pyramid shows that in 2014, 15.7 per cent of Singaporeans were under 15, and 13.2 per cent were 16-24.

These figures show that younger people are populating the country with only by comparison 11.2 per cent aged 65 and over. It’s birth rate has gone up 1.24 in 2015, compared with Chinese, Malay and Indian fertility rates of 1.10, 1.79 and 1.15 respectively. It is the second densest sovereign state in the world (after Monaco).

Because of so many new young people in the country, and the buying power of the middle aged (population of 16.0 per cent aged 35-44 years and 16.1 per cent 45 – 54 years) it’s no wonder that the trends of Singapore food styles have been changing to suit fast food needs. Gourmet fast food at that, for Singapore residents are not relaxing their tastebuds for anything or anyone!

With the island’s population standing at approximately 5.75 million, a high percentage of them are non-residents.
Non-residents bring the need for more varied tastes and flair in gourmet cooking than ever before.

1.6 million people have been identified as non-resident, and those who resident, 76.2 per cent are Chinese (of the citizen population), indigenous Malays account for 15.0 per cent and ethnic Indians 7.4 per cent, making up the majority of the population.

There are also Eurasians in Singapore, so it’s no wonder the influences of the West with demand for pizza becoming so high. Gourmet pizza in Singapore, not something you would necessarily have considered in the past, but betting you might consider it now.


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