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Price of failing to hold Labour to account: more luxury flats Islington doesn’t need?

13 April, 2018

• TRICIA Clarke’s letter shows exactly how much Islington Labour needs the Green Party to hold it to account (Held to account? But we’ve spent £100m on new homes, April 6).

The Green Party recognises genuinely affordable, safe and comfortable housing as a basic right for everyone. Green Party councillors have never questioned building social housing in Islington.

In Tufnell Park in 2016, I supported the community fighting off the planned demolition of St George’s Church. This demolition plan intended to make way for a substantial luxury hous­ing development with almost zero social hous­ing, but was nonetheless enthusiastically supported by the Labour councillor.

In the end, planning permission for this demolition and development was refused specifically because of the lack of social housing. Now, in Tufnell Park, around the corner on Dalmeny Avenue we have lost a women’s refuge and a former pub and charity.

They are being replaced with two more luxury housing developments that have names like Icon7 and provide only a few social housing units.

The percentage of social housing units in these new property developments is well below the target that the council has set itself.
And with Labour having chosen not to push for a higher target for social housing than the Islington norm for the immense Holloway Prison site next door, the case for holding Labour to account is clearly stated.

That or also on the Holloway Prison site we may well see even more luxury flats this community doesn’t need.

Green Party candidate, St George’s ward


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