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Primary pupils in Queen’s Crescent leave lessons early for climate strike

Millions take to the street across the world in a day of action

27 September, 2019 — By Helen Chapman

Carlton Primary join the climate strike

Primary schools abandoned their lessons today in support of the global climate strike.

Children from Gospel Oak, Carlton, Rhyl, Fleet and Primrose Hill chanted ‘there is no planet B.’

Noel, 10, from Carlton Primary, left his P.E lesson at 2:30pm today and joined his classmates marching down Queen’s Crescent with placards.

They join millions of people across the world in a day of protest calling for action on climate change.

He said: “I am here today because one day we will be granddads with grandchildren. We are marching for our future.”

Molly, 11, Carlton Primary

Molly, 11, said: “I am here today because if we don’t protest we might die.”

Carlton Primary pupils march down Queen’s Crescent

Jacqueline Phelan, Carlton headteacher, said: “We are leaving lessons today because this issue is their future. We have been learning about the climate in our lessons and have been making an effort to cut down are plastic usage.”

Gospel Oak take to the streets

It follows schoolgirl activist Greta Thunberg’s speech to world leaders at the UN summit on Monday, saying: “How dare you – you have stolen my dreams and my childhood.”

John Hayes, Gospel Oak headteacher, said: “The children learn about their environment as part of the national curriculum. Many of them have become aware of the current wave of school strikes from watching the news and in the discussions they have at school.

“As part of our work on British Values, the children are learning about participative democracy and, as Headteachers, we agreed that we should bring those themes together and give the children the opportunity to take part in the global protest without missing valuable school time.

“The children don’t have to take part if they don’t want to but I am sure that the vast majority of children and families will want to be part of the international movement for change.”

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