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Prince of Wales scheme would hit pedestrians

27 September, 2018

• WHAT is it about Prince of Wales Road and this area that brings out the worst in Camden’s traffic planning?

I am talking about the current scheme to remove all refuges on PoW (including two or the four at the Malden Road junction) and allow cyclists on the pavement by the downhill stretch of Haverstock Hill.

We have been here before, at some cost to the taxpayer. Here is one example.

Eighteen years ago Camden decided to remove all five traffic islands on Malden Road in order to put a painted line down each side of the road, indicating cycle lanes. They were part way through when we realised it was not just routine roadworks.

There was uproar and, with the help of councillors Roy Shaw and Jill Fraser, the scheme was scrapped and the islands returned.

I asked the top man in the Camden Cycling Campaign, who then lived on Malden Road, whether they were responsible and he showed me their reply to the consultation.

Yes to removing the islands but only if Camden could be sure traffic speed could be reduced to 20mph.

Somehow the political correctness of being seen to do something to encourage cycling, is allowed to trump the safety of pedestrians.

St Ann’s Gardens, NW5


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